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Cloud Print – Basic Principles and Benefits of the Latest Technologies – InfoTakers

Cloud Print – Basic Principles and Benefits of the Latest Technologies

September 14, 2018 | By admin | Filed in: CLOUD.

Before reading about printing in the cloud, you need to know exactly what cloud computing is. Cloud computing allows users to work independently of available computing resources or access them from a specific location or device. The IT resource from a central location provides access to remote computers located at various locations over an Internet connection. The service, z. Google, Apple, and Microsoft provide centralized resources for storing user data that can be accessed from any device that is connected to the Internet. Cloud computing helps users access their data anytime, anywhere.

Cloud printing follows the same concept and allows for online printing. If your computer or device has Internet access, you can send print jobs to a printer wherever the printer is located. The print function in the cloud is that you do not need to install printer drivers or check the compatibility of your device with the printer. The cloud has already installed the necessary drivers for all cloud printers. Cloud printers can connect directly to the Internet without having to set private parameters from a PC.

To enable printing in the cloud, the user must register the printers to use this service, which allows servers at the end of the service provider to send the print job directly to the printers. Conventional printers can also be connected by connecting a computer with an Internet connection on which the software connection is already installed. The port of the program helps the printer connect to the cloud. Cloud service providers and printer manufacturers are activating the cloud in the printing industry.

Cloud computing providers manage multiple servers or resources to ask users to print on printable printers. Queries can be sent immediately to the printer by the service provider or according to the preferences of the user. “Google Cloud Print”, “HP Mag Cloud”, “eprint”, “PrintMe” from Xerox, desktop publishing systems, etc. They are among the leading providers of cloud computing services.

Cloud printing will work with providers offering options such as: For example, uploading or sending content to an email ID (provided by PrintMe) allowing users to access PrintMe to print the content via email. Another feature provided by Google Print is a print service that adds Chrome from your Google Account for both traditional and cloud printers.

Users have the advantage of getting a hard copy without the need for a data storage device, because they have to worry about the available printer drivers, OS compatibility, or even PC operation. Users can also get printable versions of the content they want and merchants can market their content without relying on a print infrastructure installed on their site. Respect for the environment and the significant reduction of paper waste are another advantage of printing in the cloud.


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