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Writing press releases – Formatting

September 16, 2018 | By admin | Filed in: WORDPRESS.

News releases or newsletters include a written statement to the media informing them of significant changes or events in your business. If the media has used bait and the presentation of press releases based on your business, the aspect of personal promotion of the press release has become a form of free advertising.

Press release

The titles of the press such. As on one of the newspaper, work the same way. The idea is to use interesting keywords to get the reader’s attention and let them know what’s going on. The title indicates the information contained in this press release, title, address and date. It’s written in Courier New, Boldface, 14 pt. Line example:


“Stutter”, an explanatory document in three dimensions of B.B. WOLFE

Presented at the Houston Museum of Natural Medicine’s IMAX Theater, Friday, September 23, 2006

Note that all lines are left and bold. Use any 12-point Times New Roman or Courier. A line for the entire document. From now on, enter the document with the paragraphs closed (without spaces) and place the complete document on one side. Press release

The body contains paragraphs with attractive details that prevent the reader from finding answers to the questions: who, what, where, when. The TRA has a press release containing additional information about the director (s) concerned and the organization sponsoring the entire event. End with a call to action (what to do, the public). The contents of this press release are written in Courier New (12 points). Line example:

September 21, Houston, Wednesday, 2011 – BB (Big Bad) Wolfe, famed wolf historian and controversial stars of numerous tales of theater, film and fairy stars, opened the story of the beginning of the wolf month with documentation in three becomes can. “The Endangered Wolves” is the IMAX screen since Friday, September 23 at the Houston Museum of Natural Science on October 31, 2011

The powerful documentary discussed, has this kind of myths, tales and other legends that wolves have borne a bad name. Wolfe treats a different theme in every part of the film: “The sheep dressed in wolves: Isoben on the wolves and the sheepskin stove”, “The three pigs or the lost pig”, “The little red riding hood was Hodlum” and “The truth about wolves “. Wolf destroys all the lies created by the wolf.

“Over the years, I’ve read all the literature, but I’ve been working on a series of plays and movies with unsympathetic and unscrupulous people.

Over the past decade, Wolf has found his place in writing his own plays and in his own films, in staging and production, which represent his Anibans in a positive light he believes merit.

Wolf has also led a series of campaigns for the protection of wolves, including the “League of Wolves Against Prejudice” and “Wolves Against the Treacherous Hound” or W.A.T.C.H. He also held numerous demonstrations across the country, during which B and his fellow wolves, pigs and sheep were exhausted.

B. B. At Farmington, Montana, 1974. Her clan has been living in the Farmington area since 1850. Bling’s 25-year career has resulted in numerous appointments for Emmy and Tony, but has not yet been judged.

“There is always next year,” says B.

IMAX tickets cost $ 11, $ 9 for children (3-11 years old) and $ 5 for school groups. Order your tickets, almost the sale of tickets sold the first weekend.

Log in with the company information

Write your company name and contact information at the bottom of the press release and leave it. example:

B. B. Wolfe own productions and director of W. A. ​​T. Contact H. Wolf, President and CEW B. B. Wolfe Productions, at 281-555-5555, 2525 Plaza de los Lobos, Houston, Texas, or B. B. Wolfe Producciones.

Share the media, finally, that the press release is completed by inserting the bottom of the book 3 bookmarks as follows:

[Mark three books in the middle – ### -. At the bottom of the page], writing press releases is simple. It consists of writing the basic article of a journalistic journal. Do not forget to stay short, sweet and happy. You want to get quickly to the media and inspire them about the project. It’s worth it. If you need more information, you have a lot of information that Perfe allows you to consult.


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