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If you say that! Word of mouth public relations

September 22, 2018 | By admin | Filed in: WORDPRESS.

One can certainly say that the most effective form of advertising is money that can not be bought. Personal Recommendation Everyone has a circle of friends and families, including people who trust their judgment on certain topics. Maybe he knows a lot about cars and can tell you which one suits you best. Maybe you have a good friend in the kitchen and can you tell what recipes are good for different occasions? Alternatively, you can easily see your colleagues with specific clothing or recommend a specific film or shot. The amount of personal reference types is endless, but how can you use this reliable source to grow your business?

Although these types of personal references are reliable sources of information, the person who is silent explains how frightened or productive they are, and is generally considered unsafe. We tend to think that someone is talking about your product. You are behind your money, right? This can be partial, but it does not help those who have a very good product that they only want to share with the world. To do this, it is essential to search and communicate with reliable sources through your advertising activities. This can be done through professional propaganda or by distributing your own advertising or distributing press releases.

Although people trust the opinions of their friends and family, they tend to trust several media companies. It may be a particular newspaper, some magazines, websites or even a complete company like the BBC. In such cases, your product’s recommendation for your product is as good as a “verbal” recommendation. For example, suppose you need to publish a new book. If you can check this header or post it positively in a known and reliable media source, users are more likely to review it. From this point of view, you can also get a scandalous and authentic advertisement when readers talk to their friends about the wonderful book they just read.

To create this type of advertising, it is important to access a carefully selected media. It must reach those in whom your target audience has confidence (possibly). In general, you need to create an EPK / Media Toolkit and send press releases. These can be created using various online tools or when hiring professional advertising services.

Ken McKinney has been a journalist and public relations expert for 17 years and founder of www.ePUBLICITYpr.com [http://www.ePUBLICITYpr.com], an emerging company that provides advertising services to businesses, institutions, musicians and writers across his advice. Services such as electronic press kits, enhanced press releases for search engines, distribution of press releases and distribution of music to musicians.


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