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Does the cloud provide more or less to IT managers? – InfoTakers

Does the cloud provide more or less to IT managers?

October 8, 2018 | By admin | Filed in: CLOUD.

The cloud is here and everyone is lamenting! Well, a minute ago, did anyone take a closer look at what the transition to the cloud means for the security of their IT projects? These elements of the cloud are all new and it is not clear if someone has exactly the right hand, exactly what happens. Moving to the cloud will hurt the security of your next IT project?

The difference between hardware-based security and the security cloud.

While most IT managers have acquired several IT administration skills, they can not rely on security and complete an existing IT project. You must design project security from scratch. We learned to do this for business projects. We now need training from IT managers to see how cloud computing projects can do that.

One of the biggest differences between a company within a company and a project in the cloud is the size and speed of projects. When we were working on a project within the company, we knew we had a little time before the rest of the IT department could properly configure and protect our servers. This allowed us to develop the software without having to worry about security features later in the game because we will soon be dead.

The cloud has changed everything. As a result, the servers we use in one day can be configured. Our project is available to the rest of the company from day one and may also be available online. Due to the near-unlimited expansion of the cloud, our project can quickly exceed the security settings we’ve designed.

Automating security in the cloud.

One of the big differences between presenting a cloud computing project and an IT project is that everything happens faster in the cloud. With the arrival of temporary resources, such as servers and storage, the time required to create an IT infrastructure has been reduced.

This means for your IT team that processes to develop adequate security measures must be automatic. Firewalls and access control policies need to be updated as new servers in the cloud are online.

Cloud security needs to be automated a little further. Since much of the cloud infrastructure is connected to the Internet, your IT project requires constant monitoring. With this automated monitoring, you need to look for compromises and unauthorized access to computer project servers and software.

What does all this mean for you?

There is no problem: the cloud has arrived and will be part of all future IT projects. We need to take the time to go beyond all the building activities of our IT team and understand how the transfer of IT projects to the cloud affects the security of these projects.

We need to understand that when we see how to secure cloud-based computing resources, we need to differentiate ourselves from how we protect applications and resources in the enterprise. Given the scale and speed of projects in the cloud, we need to automate how the cloud keeps security up-to-date.

Understanding that things need to change is the first order for IT managers to move their projects to the cloud. We must take steps to ensure that the new IT projects we offer are safe from the start. Find out what it means for your IT team and ensure your future.


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