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Same service, another day – cloud computing

October 9, 2018 | By admin | Filed in: CLOUD.

Yes, we created the old game S.S.D.D. However, if you look at technology and schedules, you’ll see why it’s not a bad description.

First, we define cloud computing. Before I write it, I want you to know that I did not look for “Cloud Computing” before launching this version. Let’s see how much.

Computers –

“An application is implemented on a computer running the main application outside the user’s secure network, separate from the client (application) and accessible through a public network.

It has the main application and is executed by another third party. Since the main application has been developed or configured, it appears to be a single instance of the application for a specific user or group of users. The application client can be a criteria-based interface, a custom program application, or an integrated firmware program.

The main difference between cloud computing and the server-client model is that in the client-server model, the underlying application and hardware are (usually) managed by the user’s organization and are on the secure private network. . “

So, are you going?

Having worked in computers and networks for a long time, I still consider myself an independent communications consultant, even though I am already a technology consultant. Whenever I remember that the UUCP connections were established at a speed of 2400 bits per second. I have witnessed many different trends in the industry and I have focused on buzzwords. I’m not saying that there were no major innovations and that they were not worth the sharp increase in marketing, but I’ve also seen creative concepts in concepts that have existed for years.

One of the best courses is cloud computing.

Cloud computing has been around for decades and is simply known for something else. We will create a list of “key features” for my definition of cloud applications.

Processing of the underlying request is not done on the user’s computer.
The main application runs outside the private network with third-party hardware / software.
It appears as an instance of the user.
The user accesses the application with a standards-based client.
The first example of an existing cloud application for years?

POP3 / IMAP email

Probably the first application on the Internet and, in my case, until I found myself on a bulletin board on the VHF screens, MajorBBS and AX.25. (For those who do not know, the wireless plan is very similar to SCADA radio systems).

If you are missing a large Technogic company, a company with a sufficient user base or other requirements to manage your personal mail server, your Internet service provider, web host or other host may host your emails. Email You can access it with an email program such as Outlook, Thunderbird or even with your smartphone using standard POP3 or IMap protocols. The server acts as an email transfer agent and stores (usually) your emails. This is especially true if you access your email through a web browser. It’s your mail server if your domain name is dedicated, at least that’s what it looks like for you and your email client. Well, I think it’s a zipper app.

The second example of cloud application used for a long time?


Why e-commerce?

The connection to a web page will be a very clear cloud application. In addition, e-commerce offers a great deal of background for the representation of a web page, even when created dynamically with WordPress, Joomla, or Ruby on Rails. E-commerce includes a database-based content system, but also a credit card authorization process and the mechanism that returns it to merchant accountancy and inventory systems. Advanced ecommerce sites provide the call center with advanced API fragments for testing customer service applications and click-to-call services. If you think that the ecommerce site does not combine all these CRM customer measures to create and track marketing campaigns, do not pay attention to what your browser is doing on a mature ecommerce site. As a point of contact, I can tell you that billions of dollars have been spent on this amount over the last 20 years.


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