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HTML 5 and SEO – What to Expect

October 23, 2018 | By admin | Filed in: SEO.

HTML 5 has been considered a legend in the past. Today, however, the introduction of a new Web standard is approaching, which is having a significant impact on the market, both in terms of Internet ethics and certain online marketing techniques.

According to many web experts, the technology of online marketing, which will be strongly affected by this change, is search engine optimization.

SEO or SEO is an online marketing method widely used in today’s market. Although many still consider technology as a child, for many, it has been successful in making this site a success. Because of the tremendous convergence of change, many experts and SEO experts are preparing to radically change their practices, especially with On Page SEO.

HTML 5 and SEO: new labels for SEO
For those who are concerned with SEO, there is no need to worry or worry about a major rejuvenation of their techniques. According to some experts, the difference between HTML 4 and 5 is very small: HTML 5 is only intended to improve some errors and errors of HTML 4.01. It also reports a flexible error handler.

However, it has been reported that HTML 5 contains a series of new HTML tags that can provide extremely useful trends in modern SEO. Some of these new HTML tags include:

Branded product
According to those who enjoy the privilege of seeing the new changes made to HTML 5, the wording of the article should help to increase the success rate of the website in the search engine via the SEO page.

How is it going to work?
It is said that the mark of the article works by separating one part of a page from another, for example. For example, article or textual content. This also allows a clean code in the eyes of the search engine compared to the use of “div” tags. Many SEO experts also predict that search engines will give more weight to the content of article tags.

Section section
Section labels are primarily used on the article label. This is used to separate an article or content from the set, just like books divided into chapters.

How is it going to work?
Many SEO experts believe that simply separating one section from the article or content from another allows search engine spiders to search for specific information in this section instead of searching for separate information in sections. and separate pages.

Another benefit is that all section tags can have their own HTML addresses or separate HTML addresses. As with the articles in the article, many SEO experts expect search engines to give segment segments a higher priority or weight than they do not need.

header tag
According to many SEO experts, the use of vertical labels was a miracle. However, in HTML 5, header tags have been promoted, which is a gift for many SEO enthusiasts.

How is it going to work?
The new header looks very much like H1 tags, but unlike H1, H2 or H3, these new headers can also contain text paragraph and even encrypted links, which is a real cure for many SEO experts .

footer day
Although it is ineffective relative to the header tag, the footer tag can store certain information that can also be used to improve search engines.

How is it going to work?
Due to the section’s label, footnote and header tags can be used in multiple sections on a single web page.

Day of navigation
Although there are no substantive changes in the day, it can only be used to explicitly define a new set of navigation links for other pages.

5 HTML imperfections in SEO
A disadvantage of HTML 5 is that it improves search engines to eliminate the use of alternative tags (alt = “”). In HTML 4, alt tags were commonly used by SEO experts. This was removed in HTML 5, which could have been misused in Black Hat SEO.

The efficiency of page fragmentation using search engine optimization.
If you observe, these new tags are used to split a page of different elements, headers, footers, content / articles and navigation.

After much speculation, search engines have become smarter than in the past.


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