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November 6, 2018 | By admin | Filed in: SEO.

Everyone is talking about SEO programs that provide you with the best search engine site on Google, Yahoo and Bing, but did you think of it from the perspective of an SEO consultant? Everyone is probably waiting for whatever the best answer. In this article I will explain some of the advanced search engine optimization techniques used by SEO consultants and compare them with SEO features.


Software solutions are limited to the software version. The program is developed by developers who develop programs according to “development requirements” and do not perform tasks outside of development requirements. This limits this program to limited functions. You can update your current software features by purchasing a newer version. However, this remains limited.

When it comes to an SEO consultant, it depends on a number of factors, such as experience, research, training and brightness. A good SEO consultant is a consultant who conducts research and tries to apply many techniques in the search engine and identify best practices. This makes a top SEO consultant because of the unlimited opportunities for SEO research, training and experience. You should ask a question that helps the development of SEO software. The answer is that the SEO consultant supports the main functions of the SEO program in the first phase of software development.


This is very clear in the previous point and I can assure you that an SEO consultant will list the best type of SEO programs, depending on the time spent in an SEO campaign. I tried many SEO packages in the first phase of SEO consulting. Whatever you do, you can not be better than your initial experience and, in many cases, the competition will degrade you. One way to improve performance is to experiment with other programs that could be improved a little because of the competition. In this phase, you will need an SEO consultant to improve the ranking of your search engine.

Update your search algorithm:

In many cases, the search engine modifies the algorithm, which directly affects the ranking results. The SEO program can not make the basic change because this programmer is done:

• Search engine density varies between 3% and 2%.

This change removes the position of the search engine. If the program recommends a keyword density of 3%. In my experience, this decrease will be two to four pages, depending on the density of the keywords used. In short, the program is not smart enough to detect changes unless you purchase a new version of the software. An SEO consultant can easily analyze the change and reduce the keyword density to 2%, which is faster. SEO consultants can also react quickly to the following changes:

• The search engine reduces the importance of the page title.
• The search engine reduces the meaning of the meta-description.
• The search engine determines the number of links from page A to page b
• The search engine determines the number of links between sites A to B

On every occasion, the program will not be able to think like a human being. Your project will therefore suffer from software limitations. In summary, I say that nothing can replace a good SEO consultant. For example, I can assure you. Enter the word “SEO” in the Google search box. They will appear on page 1 of Google’s list.


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