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What is the cloud?

December 20, 2018 | By admin | Filed in: CLOUD.

There is enough terminology associated with the technology that is currently turning to turn the head. One of the latest versions is the “cloud”. This word is no longer reserved for these blocks of condensed water vapor in the atmosphere. The cloud is now referring to a new world in cyberspace. Understanding the cloud and its benefits can make your life easier.

Cloud knowledge

The cloud is often used as a metaphor for the Internet. Millions of people spend time each day. For 2012, Gartner predicted that by 2013, the cloud would capture a third of digital content. According to IDC, the volume of information in the world doubles every 18 months. These statistics show that the cloud contains a large amount of information and is expanding rapidly.

Photos stored on Flickr or Instagram, Pandora music shows, and movies seen on Amazon or Netflix are examples of information that can be stored in the cloud and retrieved in seconds. Email, email, and other Internet services include the cloud. Cloud computing refers to applications hosted or run on web servers. Flickr, Instagram, Pandora and other Internet Service Providers store media on servers or large server farms.

Benefits of using cloud services

Cloud services and cloud computing offer many benefits to all, from the average consumer to the entrepreneur who manages all types and sizes of businesses. In the cloud, the media may be in a location other than a device, such as a device. For example, the hard disk of a computer, a memory card, or a CD-ROM. This allows access to these media from multiple devices. For example, you can check your email on your desktop, laptop, or tablet. Cloud storage devices provide file storage, which makes it easy to access documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from any connected device.

When the information is stored in the cloud, a backup is performed on the server. Therefore, in the event of a computer hard drive failure, the owner can still access it from another computer. Cloud services also require less computing power, which makes connected devices easier. For example, the music that Pandora sends does not consume a lot of disk space on your computer’s hard disk because the songs are completely stored on your hard disk.

Cloud services are available to all and require only an Internet connection. Whether users connect via a dedicated network or a public Wi-Fi network, they can access their email, photos, files, games, and more. The cloud has become increasingly important in our lives, storing our data and information in a place that we can recover quickly and easily.

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