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What is the cloud?

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There is enough terminology associated with the technology that is currently turning to turn the head. One of the latest versions is the “cloud”. This word is no longer reserved for these blocks of condensed water vapor in the atmosphere. The cloud is now referring to a new world in cyberspace. Understanding the cloud and • Read More »


Why should I opt for a private cloud platform?

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Cloud computing is the technology of choice today. Businesses and individuals are no longer willing to invest in large storage areas or spend thousands of dollars on problems. The purchase of personalized software and computer workstations for each new employee joining the company is also valid. You can now expect to simplify your solutions by • Read More »


The benefits of online cloud storage for music lovers.

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External drives are the most common traditional backup storage systems that still contain some basic utilities. However, with external drives, many limitations can affect the speed and efficiency of file storage and critical data. The current technological development has created a new and innovative idea for storing files and information. Cloud storage is an online • Read More »


Private cloud or general cloud: which model is the best when?

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A comparison between private and public clouds can be made from different perspectives, which can vary depending on the type of application and security requirements. Here are the basic parameters that take into account the two distribution methods. Governance: The private delivery model has better control over data (and data security) and, in the case • Read More »


How can cloud services help your business?

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In today’s rapidly changing business world, your business needs everything it needs when it needs it. The delay can be expensive. Here, cloud services can play an important role in the survival of your business. First of all, cloud services are priceless for you as a business traveler. If you travel frequently, you will experience • Read More »


Cloud Print – Basic Principles and Benefits of the Latest Technologies

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Before reading about printing in the cloud, you need to know exactly what cloud computing is. Cloud computing allows users to work independently of available computing resources or access them from a specific location or device. The IT resource from a central location provides access to remote computers located at various locations over an Internet • Read More »